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Spanish for Adults

Our Adultos classes, Spanish for adults, cover all levels. And we are never too young to learn something new!

We currently offer 3 groups for adult classes:

  • Adultos 1: A1 level
  • Adultos 2: A2 level
  • Adultos 3: B1 level

Group classes run on weekdays, typically in the evenings, and last 90 minutes. There is a maximum number of 6 students per class.

Lessons are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are either native or near-native speakers of Spanish. They enjoy teaching the language and seeing motivated adults acquire new skills and "the gift of tongues".

For the sake of progression, we advise starting the course in September, at the beginning of the academic year. However, every case is different, so if you are thinking of starting the course, and/or you prefer morning lessons, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Available courses for adults

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
Adultos 1


Adultos 2 9:00 19:00
Adultos 3

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Our lessons are based on the Communicative Approach to language learning. The primary focus of all our lessons is on the student, and the ultimate aim is that our students can communicate and interact in the target language.

True learning happens during independent learning. This is why we combine the Communicative Approach with the Flipped Classroom Method. The essential premise of the flipped classroom is that we’re gaining the knowledge on our own.

How do we do that? The way we learn has changed: we are constantly stimulated both online and offline, and we want to reflect that in the choice of our materials.

For years we have been looking for the right methodology that allows our students to learn independently. And we have finally found the right platform to learn both on- and offline: Campus Difusion. Students can use the time away from the classroom to gain further knowledge and apply that knowledge in the classroom.

What is Campus Difusión?

Campus Difusión is an online platform with tons of resources to teach and learn Spanish: digital books, videos, grammar clips, articles on current affairs, and much more!

Campus Difusión helps us to organise, manage and plan our face-to-face, online and blended learning classes more efficiently. It helps us to:

  • Save time in preparing our classes.

  • Evaluate and monitor our students.

  • Encourage our students with attractive content.

  • Personalise our classes with their favourite resources.

    What materials and resources are included?

    • Digital books with its manageable digital format and attractive design, is perfect to be projected in class (in person) or for remote use (online). Digital textbooks always incorporate audio and video files, as well as other resources such as mapped texts, spoken texts, etc. Different presentation options available.

    • Interactive exercises, self-assessing activities, classified by level and subject for practising vocabulary and grammar.

    • Grammar animations, short films, and micro-movies to teach language; videos with pronunciation tips, grammar tutorials —Gramaclips—, videos on Spanish-speaking countries, videos for learning vocabulary, songs, narrations—all accompanied by self-assessing exercises and worksheets.

    • Each week, "Hoy en clase" provides us with a news article and accompanying exercises, mapped texts, spoken texts, and additional activities. Every two weeks, "Hoy en clase Américas" features an article from a Latin American periodical.

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      The BEST gift you can give yourself!

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