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GCSE Spanish for Year 11

Our GCSE Spanish revision course focuses on intensive exam preparation. It provides GCSE students with the opportunity to learn and put into practice exam techniques for the 9-1 specification of the Spanish GCSE exam.

Focus is on the 4 skill areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

My Language Hub is fortunate to be able to draw on its invaluable experience of having worked with the major examination boards in the United Kingdom.  As such, we are consistently up to date with new specifications and formats for the Spanish GCSE. Each summer we are involved in the marking of Spanish papers and have direct input into what works or needs further amendment.

We ensure that the 4 skills are given equal amounts of focus and attention, especially given that each skill attracts 25% of the overall mark.

Using our wealth of resources and past papers we demonstrate how the best grades are achievable for everyone.  This is dependent on ensuring that the foundation of Spanish learning is secure and that any ‘grey’ areas have been dealt with and understood comprehensively. 

Our Spanish teachers focus on topic work that builds on what is being covered at school so that our candidates stand out due to their richer vocabulary and ability to communicate simple Spanish in a highly accurate manner.

We pride ourselves on never having had any of our pupils gain a lower grade than they were predicted and very regularly witnessing the joy on results day of students far exceeding their expectations.

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Our lessons are based on the Communicative Approach to language learning. The primary focus of all our lessons is on the pupil, and the ultimate aim is that our pupils can communicate and interact in the target language.

For this course, we use a variety of materials specifically designed for GCSE to ensure progression in structures, vocabulary and topics. These include GCSE Spanish past papers, vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, and much more.

Class resources 

What will your teen need? 

Your child will definitely need something to write with and to write on! So he/she should come to class with the same resources that they use for school:

  • a pencil case with pens, pencils, highlighters and/or felt tips
  • an exercise book or a folder with paper inside (lined paper seems better)
  • the material given


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