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English for Children

Children learn best when they can interact with their peers. So, group classes for children is the way to go! It's a no-brainer! Classes are arranged by level and age groups, starting from 5 to 14 years old.

There are 4 classes for children:

  • Kids 1: for 5-7 year-olds
  • Kids 2: for 8-10 year-olds
  • Teens 1: 11–12 year-olds
  • Teens 2: 13–14 year-olds

Classes run after school on weekdays. There is a maximum number of 8 pupils per class.

Lessons are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are either native or near-native speakers of Spanish. They enjoy teeaching the language and seeing children learn in a fun and meaningful way.

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Our lessons are based on the Communicative Approach to language learning. The primary focus of all our lessons is on the pupil, and ultimate aim is that our pupils can communicate and interact in the target language.

We use a variety of materials to ensure progression in structures, vocabulary and topics. All materials are carefully selected for pupils level and age-group.

Each class follows a textbook complemented with songs, videos, crafts activities, and many more. These ensure that children stay engaged and motivated in their learning.

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